Fun and sweaty fitness sessions for all!


... a fun, easy to follow, cardio workout, choreographed to feel good music to get you sweaty and burn calories.

Monday 9:30am

Monday 6:00pm

Tuesday 7:00pm

Wednesday 6:00pm

Thursday 7:00pm

Friday 10:00am

Saturday 9:15am


... a toning, sculpting, strengthening, cardio workout, to help build muscle, strengthen bodies and get you sweaty! We use lightly weighted Ripstix for a full on choreographed, drumming workout!

Monday 7:00pm

Wednesday 7:00pm

Friday 6:30pm

Saturday 10:15am


... high intensity interval training, exercises to get your heart pumping, a cardio workout to get results and build your fitness levels.

Tuesday 6:00pm

Wednesday 9:15am


... a toning workout choreographed to tracks to make you feel good, bring weights and a mat and get ready to tone all the muscle groups.

Tuesday 9:15am

Thursday 6:00pm

I'm interested!

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