Safe Individual/Shared Lessons

Private tennis lessons are now permitted!

Book a session tailored to your needs allowing you to improve and develop your technique at a much faster rate.

We are offering two 'Lockdown Friendly' formats ....

1) An individual lesson. Just you and the coach.

2) A shared lesson between 3 people on two courts. One player with the coach, the others playing singles on the other court, and lots of rotations.

Here's how we are going to manage social distancing and risks during your private session ...

  • The coach will be the other side of the net, well over 2m away.

  • Balls will be  collected with sanitised collection tubes (no hand/ball contact).

  • Serving practice with disposable gloves on the throwing hand

To book your session please click HERE

And don't forget the courts are now available for booking too (see here)

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