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Confidence, friendship and fun

Pre-School Tennis Academy

At our Pre-School Tennis Academy, we're passionate about nurturing not just the future stars of tennis, but also well-rounded and confident children. We ensure that every child enjoys the thrill of physical play while learning core athletic, tennis, and personal skills. In our secure and enjoyable environment, we focus on:

  • Athletic Development: Enhancing essential physical skills such as running, jumping, balancing, throwing, catching, and, of course, the basics of tennis.

  • School Readiness: Building personal skills including confidence, teamwork, sharing, taking turns, communication, and active listening.


Our curriculum is designed around a captivating 6-week thematic module that makes learning an adventure:

  • Exploring through Numbers

  • Discovering the world of Colours

  • Meeting the Animal Kingdom

  • Travelling with Geography

  • Moving with Transport

  • Enjoying the diversity of Food

Classes will be held indoors in our studio and outdoors subject to weather conditions. Enrolment is either by single session pay&play or through our 10 session package offering a 25% discount.

New players can try their first session FOR FREE... No need to book, just show up 5 minutes before!

Pre-school Programme

Class times may vary during school holidays

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Weekly Schedule

Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri: 0920-0950am

Wed: 1200-1230pm

Sat: 0900-0930am and 1:00-1:30pm

25% Discount?

You can sign up to individual sessions with no commitment at £6.60 or take up our 10 lesson package for just £50 offering a 25% discount.

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