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Pre-School Tots Tennis

Building Confidence and Friendship Through Tennis

Our Pre-school Tots programme focuses on nurturing young talent and confident, well-rounded little people. It combines the joy of physical activity with the development of essential athletic, tennis, and life skills, all in a safe and fun environment.


New players can try their first session for FREE.

No need to book, just show up 5 minutes before!


Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri:  0920-0950am

Wed:  1200-1230pm

Sat:  0900-0930am and 1300-1330pm

25% Discount

You can sign up to individual sessions with no commitment at £6.60 or take up our 10 lesson package for just £50 offering a 25% discount.

  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

    30 min

    6.60 British pounds

Indoor Studio.

Our curriculum

Key Focus Areas:

  • Athletic Development: We emphasize essential physical skills like running, jumping, balancing, and throwing, alongside introductory tennis techniques.

  • School Readiness: Our curriculum cultivates personal skills such as confidence, teamwork, communication, and active listening, preparing kids for school life.

Our engaging 6-week modules turn learning into an adventure:

  1. Exploring through Numbers

  2. Discovering the World of Colours

  3. Meeting the Animal Kingdom

  4. Travelling with Geography

  5. Moving with Transport

  6. Enjoying the Diversity of Food

Classes are conducted both indoors in our studio and outdoors when the weather is nice.

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