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Talent ID

Discovering young tennis talent : Reception to Year 3.

Join us for a focused Tennis Talent Identification Day tailored for children in Reception to Year 3. It will be a great opportunity to identify potential and introduce your child to the world of tennis.

Adult Fun Doubles Tournament
Adult Fun Doubles Tournament
Multiple Dates
A perfect blend of friendly competition and tennis fun for intermediate players!
10 Aug 2024, 13:00 – 16:00
The Tennis Cafe,
The Goffs, Eastbourne BN21 1HD, UK

About the Session

Designed for a fun, but serious, assessment rather than a casual taster, this day will split children by age and experience for targeted evaluations. Our expert coaches will conduct physical tests and assess tennis skills to identify potential tennis athletes.


Our Track Record

The Tennis Cafe prides itself on a consistent history of developing players who achieve count y standard and beyond. Our focus is on nurturing talent, commitment, and a love for the game, preparing our athletes for success both on and off the court. Our Tennis Director, Francis Mackie, is the Sussex LTA Performance Coach of the Year.


What we will be offering

A detailed look into each child’s athletic and tennis capabilities. An engaging and positive environment that emphasizes growth and learning.A limited number of scholarships for standout talents ready to commit to their tennis development.


Join Our Community

If your child is eager to explore their tennis potential and you're supportive of their sporting journey, our Talent ID Day is the perfect starting point. We’re not just about finding the next stars; we're about building a strong foundation for success in tennis, whilst fostering personal development skills and ensuring children have a great time.

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