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Performance Tennis

A centre of excellence for junior development

Our Performance Lead


Francis Mackie

Tennis Director
  • Current Tennis Sussex Performance Coach of the Year

  • Former ATP ranked Pro

  • Former ITF seniors UK #1 and World #3

  • Former Head of Performance Tennis, Surrey LTA 

  • Coach to numerous national and county champions

Performance Tennis at The Tennis Cafe

What Sets Our Performance Programme Apart?

Our Performance Programme caters to a diverse range of aspirations - from becoming a top-end club player to representing your county, or even advancing to compete for Great Britain. It's designed for gifted and ambitious players committed to a competitive path. We focus on nurturing a competitive spirit and providing a complete skill set – physical, technical, tactical, and mental – vital for excelling in matchplay and achieving your personal tennis goals.

Individual Focus: Holistic player development

Our coaching team is dedicated to a personal approach, focusing on more than just skills. We aim to understand each player, emphasizing emotional strength and wellbeing as much as technical proficiency. We see every athlete as unique, not just a number, ensuring our training is as individualized as it is comprehensive. This blend of personalised care and holistic development prepares every young athlete for success, both on and off the court.

Emphasizing Physicality: Building Athleticism

Recognizing the intense physical demands of modern tennis, our program places a strong emphasis on developing the complete athlete. Our group training sessions are integrated with extensive strength and conditioning routines, specifically designed to enhance speed, power, and agility. We prioritize not only skill development but also injury prevention, ensuring our players are physically robust and resilient. This approach to physical training is a cornerstone of our philosophy, preparing players to meet the rigorous challenges of contemporary tennis with confidence and endurance.

Enhanced Squad Coaching: Technical Development in a Group Environment

At our academy, we challenge the norm. Most programmes just use squad sessions as training opportunities, we see them as vital learning opportunities. Our coaches bring the focus and depth of individual lessons into these group settings, actively teaching technical and tactical skills often reserved for one-on-one coaching. We recognize that individual lessons, though beneficial, can be expensive. That's why we blend key elements of personalized coaching into our squad sessions. This approach makes advanced skill development accessible to every player, not just those in private lessons. Those desiring extra refinement can still opt for individual sessions, but our squad training ensures comprehensive skill development for all, regardless of financial constraints.

Passion and Enjoyment: The Heart of Our Program

We firmly believe that true excellence in tennis comes from a blend of hard work and genuine enjoyment. We recognize that players excel in what they love, which is why our environment is not just about working hard but also about fun and friendships. Tennis requires the ability to switch focus on and off the court, and our program nurtures this balance. This approach is key in developing well-rounded athletes who cherish every moment on the court.

In conclusion, our Performance Programme is more than just a training regimen; it's a commitment to nurturing each player's full potential. We blend personalized attention, physical training, and innovative squad coaching to create a unique and effective path to success in tennis. We equip our players with the skills, resilience, and mindset needed to excel. Join us, and be part of a community that not only plays tennis but lives and breathes the sport, striving together towards excellence.

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