Lockdown ... too much screen time, lower fitness levels and feeling a bit flat. Probably applies to us all right now. Getting children re-engaged in a sport, and then remaining it, is so important for their fitness and wellbeing. Our coaching team has spent a lot of time reflecting on what we need to provide to ensure strong short term player retention that then leads to a long term love of tennis. Here's what we think ...

Attracting children and keeping them engaged in the short term. This is all about fun, friendship and a sense of belonging. Coaching needs to be really fun and dynamic. Children (and parents) need to be encouraged to interact, work together and build friendships.

Keeping children in tennis longer term. This is all about improving and reaching a level of competence that allows them to fall in love with the game. Whilst we know that a tennis programme has to deliver lots of fun, children also have to learn and develop their skills.

Sounds simple? It isn't! Some clubs deliver lots of fun but no-one actually improves. Other clubs are so serious about teaching that all the fun goes. Our mission is simple ... we're going to work really hard to develop children's skills whilst making sure they have an amazing time.

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