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Tennis Racket Restrings

Maximise your performance with our racket restringing service 

Solinco 'Confidential'

Co-polyester 1.20mm


Power and Spin


Solinco 'Tour Bite'

Co-polyester 1.25mm


Power and Spin


Solinco 'Vanquish'

Multifilament 1.30mm


Touch and Feel


Solinco 'ProStacked'

Multifilament  1.35mm 


Value and Feel


What string?

Co-polyesters = more power & spin but more shock to the arm

Multifilaments = more comfort & feel and easier on the arm

What tension?

Higher tensions = more control but more shock to the arm

Lower tensions = more power and easier on the arm

What gauge?

Thinner in mm = more power, spin and feel but less durability

Thicker in mm = lower playability but greater durability

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